Riot Games Teases League of Legends Announcer Packs

Getting announcer packs in League of Legends is something players have been requesting for years now, and it looks like Riot Games is finally planning to deliver that exact feature to the community. Riot’s video detailing its plans for skins and events throughout 2020 ended with a teaser that strongly indicated we’ll be seeing news of announcer packs this year. It doesn’t guarantee that they’ll be released in 2020 – though one can hope – but more news on them seems certain.

The video in question featured Jonathan “Bellissimoh” Bellis, the product lead for personalization on League, going over plans for 2020’s skins and events. Though they weren’t named, some new skins were previewed at times throughout the video along with hints at what to expect from this year’s events.

Bellis closed with a tease that Riot had more to share with players this year, and keeping in line with how Riot likes to tease some of its plans, the product lead said Riot would have something to “announce” this year.

“Before we go, we wanted to let you know that there are a few new types of content we’re experimenting with,” Bellis said. “And while we’re not really ready to show anything yet, expect to … hear something from us later this year. We can’t wait to … announce them.”

Bellis put special emphasis on both “hear” and “announce” which is more than enough to suggest what Riot has planned.

If you’ve been one of the League players campaigning to have announcer packs in the game, this teaser might not be totally surprising to you though. Some Riot employees interacted with players on social media and entertained ideas about announcer packs with responses that heavily indicated announcer packs would be added at some point.

While most players who couldn’t wait for official announcer packs have gotten their fix from custom ones made by players and other content creators, Riot has dabbled in custom voices in the past. An announcer pack featuring two of Riot’s professional shoutcasters was released in 2018, and we’ve heard Gangplank’s voice during special events and game modes. Those have all been temporary, but Riot said in the past it was open to the idea of making announcer packs permanent.


“There’s a couple of obstacles we have to tackle before making Announcers permanent,” Riot said in 2018. “Right now we’re exploring more region by region Announcers with MSI, but we still have some work to do to understand the appetite for this product worldwide before we invest in the infrastructure required to make it permanent.”

Look for more news about announcer packs in League of Legends to be shared later this year.

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