Pokemon Funko Pop Allegedly Found in the Wild

07/12/2018 06:51 pm EDT

A Funko fan on Reddit claims to have found a Funko Pop figure of the popular Pokemon Pikachu at Target, spurring speculation that the figure maker finally has the license to the Pokemon franchise.

Last night, a member of the Funko Pop subreddit posted several pictures of what appears to be a Pikachu Funko Pop figure. The Redditor claims that they found the figure at a Target in Columbus, Ohio, and that the figures would be exclusive to that retail store.

Curiously, Pikachu's Funko Pop number is 323 as opposed to its classic numbering of 025. Funko fans speculate that this means that Pikachu will be part of the "Games" line of Funko Pop! figures.

You can check out photos of the alleged Funko Pop below:

We've heard rumors about Funko obtaining a license for the Pokemon franchise for months, but this seems to be the real deal. Other Redditors have discovered that the Funko Pop's DCPI (an identification number used by Target to identify inventory) is legitimate and that limited stock appears to be in stores.

Target's support Twitter have officially said they don't have a comment about the Funko Pop! figure's availability, but entering the DCPI number into Target's inventory system indicates the figure will be available at most stores in late July and will cost $8.99.

Assuming that the Pikachu Pop! figure is legitimate, the next question becomes what other Pokemon figures will Funko produce. In addition to over 800 Pokemon, there's also dozens of video game and anime characters that Funko could develop. And considering that both Funko and Pokemon have huge fanbases, these new figures could be huge sellers for the company.

We've reached out to both the Pokemon Company and Target for comment and will update this article with additional information as it becomes available.

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