14 Days of ‘Fortnite’ Day 12 Challenge Will Have You Destroying Snowflakes

So in case you missed it (or you’re still recovering from the post-holiday food you’ve eaten), [...]

So in case you missed it (or you're still recovering from the post-holiday food you've eaten), the 14 Days of Fortnite promotion are underway, offering up exclusive goodies for completing tasks within the game. Today's Day 12 event is no exception, as you'll have to hunt down certain things within the game to win a cool Emoticon. In this case, snowflakes.


Epic Games announced today's event just a couple of hours ago, in which you can score the charming Snowflake Emoticon by finding and shooting them in the game world, as pictured below:

You do have a little time to hunt down these hanging snowflakes that are strewn throughout the world so you can destroy them and add the emoticon to your collection. But if you're a little impatient- or you just want that snowflake to call your own- a guide just went online that will help you with locating them.

Originally posted by Forbes, the map below gives you a good idea of where the snowflakes are:

Fortnite 2
(Photo: Forbes)

Granted, this nails down the locations a little bit, though you'll still need to do some looking. Each of the snowflakes are located in particular areas, as listed below:

  • Pleasant Park
  • Tilted Towers
  • Lazy Links
  • Lonely Lodge
  • Retail Row
  • Salty Springs
  • Fatal Fields
  • Paradise Palms
  • Happy Hamlet

Your best bets for finding most of these snowflakes is either in Tilted Towers or Pleasant Park, as you'll notice a few hanging off of lamp posts. The goal here is to look for them hanging in open areas- oh, and maybe watch out for others that are trying to shoot them, and you, in the process.

Once you see them, use whatever gun you have on hand to shoot them down. Once that's done, you'll complete the challenge and have the Emoticon to call your own.

Again, you've got a little time to finish this one up, since the 14 Days of Fortnite challenges will stay up longer than just a few hours. But you don't want to dilly-dally too long, or they'll go away and you'll have to go back to your regular gear.

Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices.

(Hat tip to Forbes for the scoop!)