A Way Out Dev Begins Work on New Game

Today is officially the start of the next game and I'm INCREDIBLY exited!!!!!! I love making [...]

A Way Out hasn't even been out for two weeks, and yet its developer has already began work on its next game.

The news, as you can see above, comes from none other Josef Fares, the founder of Hazelight Studios, and the creator of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out, two critically acclaimed games. Fares was also notably the writer of both titles, and an actor of one of the protagonists of the latter. It's worth noting that his aforementioned studio only was founded in time to work on his second game. Meanwhile, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was developed by Starbreeze Studios.

While this isn't the most surprising news in the world, it is the first official confirmation that the former filmmaker and his studio will once again be taking a crack at developing a video game for a junior/sophomore release.

What Fares means by "officially," is unclear, but presumably what he means is that said next title has been floating around the concept stage, and now it has been green lighted and entered development. No matter the semantics, one thing is crystal clear: Fares and co. are officially working on a new game.

While both Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out have their problems, they both are undeniably some of the most unique games to embrace the medium in recent years. The former was notably one of the highest-rated games of 2013. Meanwhile the more ambitious latter, wasn't as well received, but garnered far more attention and presumably more sales.

What will also be interesting to see is who Fares will work with -- if any -- to publish the game. A Way Out was notably published by EA -- via its EA Originals program -- but that was only a one-game deal. It could join forces with Fares again, but it's far from a guarantee.

Fares' most recent work -- A Way Out -- is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, where it launched on March 23rd. If you haven't already, be sure to peep our official review of the game.

If you liked A Way Out and want to check out Fares' other work, you can find Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, and mobile devices.