Amazon Employee Caught Trying To Steal Nintendo Switch Games Overseas

Crime doesn’t pay. Sure, you may say, “Well, what about Grand Theft Auto Online?” but [...]

Amazon Nintendo Switch
(Photo: IlPlacenza)

Crime doesn't pay. Sure, you may say, "Well, what about Grand Theft Auto Online?" but that's simulated crime. There's a difference. Real crime actually hurts businesses and people, and sometimes, things can get a bit too weird for their own good.

Like, for instance, inside jobs. And, in particular, inside jobs at bigger companies, with employees trying to steal something from someone they work for. It just doesn't make any damn sense.

Case in point – per this report from the Italian website IlPiacenza, an Italian employee working for the Amazon distribution center in Castel San Giovanni tried to get away with the perfect crime in his own right, attempting to snag a trio of Nintendo Switch games for himself.

According to the police report, the 23 year old man was getting ready to smuggle out copies of ARMS, Splatoon 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild out of the distribution center – about 160 pounds in value. However, he didn't count on Amazon's anti-theft measures being in place, and was immediately caught as he attempted to make his way out of the warehouse.

When the sensors went off, security guards searched him and found the three stolen games in question. As a result, he was immediately arrested, and now faces theft charges.

This boggles our minds for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, wouldn't you be giving yourself away if you stole stock from inside a warehouse? Amazon keeps track of all this stuff, we're guessing, and put those anti-theft measures in place for a reason. Did the (former) employee not see that coming?

Also, if you work for Amazon, aren't you qualified to get a discount anyway? I mean, you'd at the very least get a Prime membership, right? And that gives you the games at twenty percent off, unless they're limited by sale or something like that. But even then, you'd probably be entitled to some other form of discount.

The bottom line here is that crime doesn't pay, and not only did the employee not get those games, he lost his job and now he's facing charges. All because he didn't want to make a purchase.