American Girl Introduces Xbox Gaming Accessories

Xbox Gaming Set 4

Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb took to Twitter to introduce a new Xbox Gaming Set that will be sold through American Girl’s store, which introduces a mini Xbox One S console, a controller, a gaming headset, a pair of fake games (Dance! and Bloks, by the way -- where’s Gears of War?!) and a gaming chair. You can see the tweet below and order the set here, which is currently going for $50 plus shipping. You can see his tweet below.

Here’s the full feature list, according to the American Girl site:

Dolls can get ready to play -- and win -- in tournaments with friends! Includes:

  • A pretend Xbox One S game console that projects 10 different gaming scenes
  • A Xbox One S controller that dolls can really hold
  • A comfy faux-leather game chair with built in speaker. Includes a cord that plugs into personal devices to play music or other sounds!
  • Pretend wireless gaming headphones with an adjustable mic to chat with friends
  • Two fun game discs to insert into the console projector and two cases to keep them safe
  • All devices are pretend.
Xbox Gaming Set 3

So far, the responses to the Xbox Gaming Set have been mostly positive on social media, with some of the best ones captured below:

Someone even threw in some clever PlayStation burns…


Of course, there have also been a few negative responses…

Overall though, this new set should definitely be appealing to those with young girls in their lives that want to celebrate gaming culture. Plus it sure beats trying to get them to sit on a plastic horse, yeah?

Although...can we give her a happy expression?

American Girl

The Xbox Gaming Set can be ordered here.