Among Us Bug Lets People Play Airship Map Early

Among Us players have stumbled upon an interesting bug after the game’s Nintendo Switch release [...]

Among Us players have stumbled upon an interesting bug after the game's Nintendo Switch release that makes the new Airship map playable far ahead of its official launch. By following a series of steps that players wouldn't normally think to go through to gain access to anything other than a normal game, players have discovered that they can play on the new map. The Airship doesn't appear to be fully completed yet, but it's very much in a playable state with players able to see the map's layout and some of the tasks Crewmates will have to complete on the Airship.

The discovery was made not long after the game launched on the Nintendo Switch as players like AleximoYT below shared screenshots of the in-game settings that showed the Airship map had been selected. Others corroborated such finds by sharing videos of themselves playing on the Airship map. as you can see from some of the videos, it's got a few bugs that need to be worked out, but that's to be expected given that it's playable so far ahead of schedule.

As for the process of actually getting on the map to try it out, the YouTube channel GameXplain created a helpful video walking players through the steps. You have to first go to the "Local" option in Among Us, then you create your own game and select the Airship map. Exit the menu, head back to the "Online" option and select that, then choose to host a game. Once there, just don't select a map and instead have your friends join your room. After getting enough friends in the lobby, you're able to go to the Airship map to check it out for yourself.

Unless it's buried somewhere in the many replies from the Among Us Twitter account, the developers have not yet commented on the early access bug publicly. They're very much aware of it by now though given how many people have shared their findings online and have tagged the Among Us account with the news, so a fix is likely in the works to remove access to the Airship map.

The map itself was first announced at The Game Awards after many teases. It's scheduled to be released some time in early 2021.