Among Us Re-Launches Official Merchandise

Among Us is launching an official line of merchandise to go alongside the game. Fans have been doing all kinds of tributes, art, and cosplay surrounding the breakout hit. It’s been years since the release of Among Us, and in quarantine, the game exploded onto the scene. People love a good murder mystery, and now they can buy looks from the game courtesy of Dual Wield Studio and Innersloth. They launched the store today and fans are beyond hyped for the release. So many people on social media are elated to see the bags, mugs, phone cases, and especially the cosplay t-shirts that would have been everywhere on Halloween. Still, you can get ready for a Zoom game night over at Innersloth’s store located in the tweet down below. Check out what Dual Wield Studio had to say about the release as well.

“The doors are open! Go get new, official Among Us merch at! And we're just getting started: we’ll have more items in coming weeks including figures, plushies, and more!,” they wrote on Twitter.

Inner sloth also addressed the fan art and fan march policy on their website late last month. They’re happy about the enthusiasm, but note that they could use the help in supporting the developers as well.

"We’re so thrilled that so many fans have been so excited to show their love for Innersloth by creating fan works. We also know people are really excited to get their hands on merch for Among Us, so we’ve partnered with Innersloth to help them work with creators to get merchandise to you, the fans. Because there’s been so much excitement (and some confusion too), we want to take a minute to get everyone on the same page regarding the creation of fanart, fan works, and other items based on Innersloth properties like Among Us and Henry Stickman."


"Although we are honored and overwhelmed by all of the fanart enthusiasm, selling unauthorized merchandise featuring Among Us characters, names, sayings, scenes, stories, and artwork (collectively, the “IP”) is illegal, and a violation of Innersloth’s IP rights. In order to preserve their IP rights, Innersloth can’t allow unlicensed merchandise to be created and sold, without maintaining quality control and oversight. Also, buying your Among Us merch from official sources will ensure that you are supporting the developers that help create the fandoms you love!"

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