Among Us Devs Share More Shapeshifter Details

Among Us creators InnerSloth revealed a new role this week by unveiling the Shapeshifter role which people playing as the Imposter will be able to take on. This role comes with the ability to morph into the appearance of a Crewmate for a limited time, a power which seems to be a pretty useful one assuming Crewmates don't see the transformation happening. Thanks to some extra details from the devs shared this week after the reveal, we now know more about how Crewmates can counter the Shapeshifter's ability.

The image below was shared via the Among Us Twitter account this week following the reveal of the Shapeshifter. Players had been asking after the reveal how they'd be able to tell whether an Imposter had shapeshifted seeing how they would look like a normal Crewmate. The way to tell something is amiss, the devs revealed, will come from some evidence left behind to indicate a Shapeshifter is around.

It was not specified how long this evidence sticks around, so just like the Shapeshifter's transformation itself is temporary, this indication could be temporary as well.

The details on the Shapeshifter role provided through the blog post from this week provide more info on the new power for those who missed the initial reveal. Shapeshifter settings can be altered in the lobby before the game begins to change the likelihood of an Imposter having that power. Settings related to the duration of the Shapeshift and whether or not evidence of the ability gets left behind at all can also be configured in the pre-game lobby.

"This Impostor can pull up a menu of all other living Crewmates in the game and select one to copy their appearance (name, colour, and cosmetics)," a preview of the new role said. "However the shapeshifting only lasts for a limited amount of time, unless altered in the lobby settings. Crewmates can see you midway through shapeshifting if they're within line of sight, and the shift will leave evidence behind. During meetings, the Shapeshifter will appear as their original selves."

The Shapeshifter is just one of the new roles revealed already with more to come soon. The next roles will only be for Crewmates, however, so this is all that we'll see for the Imposters as far as the next big update is concerned. That update does not yet have a release date, but it's expected to be talked about in greater detail soon.