Among Us Games Hacked With Pro Donald Trump Message, Game Developers Respond

While many players are enjoying the massively popular game Among Us, others are taking advantage of that success and hacking the servers to bombard gamers with messages in support of Donald Trump's presidential campaign and crashing the chat rooms in the game. Some Among Us players noticed the hack, which spams the chat rooms with "TRUMP2020" over and over, crashed their games earlier this week. The messages contain a streamer's channel and the request to subscribe to their feed, along with the "TRUMP2020" message, and a link. This has prompted developer InnerSloth to respond to the issue, and they are currently working on a patch to eliminate the nuisance.

InnerSloth pushed an "emergency server update" this week to address the issue which kicked people from games in the process, but the problematic hack has persisted regardless. Players are still seeing the messages above and other directives from the hacker show up in their games. InnerSloth encouraged people to play private games or only play with those you trust in the meantime to avoid any problems.

The tweet above shows what it looks like whenever you find yourself in a hacked game. The screen goes black instead of dropping players into the normal start of a game, and when you check the messages, you'll see the same one spammed over and over. As is the case with any sort of malicious hack like this one, security issues could potentially result from staying in these hacked lobbies, so it's probably best to just leave if you load in and find yourself in one of these.

Among Us developer Forest Willard commented on the problem on Twitter to explain why the update wasn't rolled out sooner rather than later after players started reporting the issue.

"Also worth [noting] that the reason I didn't roll this update out sooner is that I was afraid of false positives: You totally might see the game think you're hacking when you're not," Willard said. "I've done my best to find this kind of bug, but my hand is forced this time."


Among Us is currently available on the PC and mobile platforms.