Among Us Teases Players Over Their Airship Map Conspiracies

The official Among Us Twitter account is teasing players over their Airship Map conspiracies. The game's new map is currently slated to release sometime early this year. Right now, not only is this vague release window the most specific release information that has been provided, but developer Innersloth still has more details to reveal about the map itself. Right now, there's no word of when the various question marks surrounding the map will be shared, which is causing the Among Us community to be overrun with speculation. And where there's speculation, there are also conspiracies.

To that end, yesterday the official Among Us Twitter account teased these fans and their conspiracies and speculation about when the new map will drop by playing off one of the internet's most iconic memes.

In the same image that accompanies the post, the developer also takes the opportunity to poke fun at their various critics, including those confused about how a game with "simple art" could take so long to add a new map.

When Innersloth tweeted the image above, many suspected it may hold a hidden clue, but if it does, it hasn't been unearthed. If you really wanted to put on your stretchiest pants, you could say the image hints the map will release on February 14, but that would be the biggest stretch of all time. Not only is this Valentine's Day, but it's a Sunday, a day Innersloth will presumably have off.

As many fans have discovered, early 2021 is a very vague window of time. Typically, in the video game world, the early in the year window refers to a period between January 1 and April 1. Unfortunately for Among Us fans, it's only January 8.

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