Among Us Player Creates Custom Kills Inspired by Horror Movies

Among Us' climactic moments where a Crewmate meets their end at the hands of an Imposter got a unique twist this week when a creative player came up with some horror-inspired kill animations. Instead of just conceptualizing the kills and what they might look like, the artist actually animated the kills themselves which took inspiration from films like IT as well as the Alien movies. The creations immediately attracted praise from other Among Us fans who imagined what it'd be like to have these sorts of animations actually added to the game.

The artist who goes by Mactoto on Twitter and YouTube shared the short video below that showed three different kill animations inspired by horror classics. The first comes from the Alien movies with a Facehugger emerging from an egg before attacking a Crewmate, the second appears to be from Poltergeist and shows a Crewmate being pulled into a television, and the last shows an Imposter resembling Pennywise from IT who cuts a Crewmate in half after giving them a red balloon.

Mactoto tagged the official Among Us Twitter account that's typically pretty active when responding to fan-made works like this and successfully got a reply. Others responded to praise the three animations as well, though the Alien one stood out as a favorite among the three.

Fan-made creations like this one have become a considerably large part of the Among Us fandom since the game rose in popularity. Players have come up with their own animations like these as well as custom skins for the game that imagined what the Crewmates and Imposters would look like if they got crossovers with other well-known properties. People have even imagined what Among Us would look like in other games as well by bringing the game over into things like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to envision how characters would fit into the fighting game.


As for the game's next big move, players are currently looking forward to the Airship map that's due to be released this year. Some players have been able to access it early, but it'll get a wide release that'll make it officially playable soon enough.