Among Us Fan Art Imagines What Crewmates Look Like Under Their Suits

The characters from the popular video game Among Us by developer InnerSloth don't really have all that much to their design beyond different colors and some ability to accessorize by players. The crew seems largely meant to be easily distinguished from one other without serious effort, which is also in line with why we have never officially seen one of the crew without their suits on. That said, a new somewhat terrifying piece of fan art imagines what they must look like underneath.

Be warned: the fan art, shared to Reddit by user Kroasan_Power, is not for the faint of heart. The fan art concept, which you can check out below, basically portrays the crew as a bunch of neckless thumbs. The smile doesn't really help, either. It is honestly a bit reminiscent of when Fall Guys shared what the beans look like on the inside.

This must be how they look under the costume from r/AmongUs

Among Us is currently available on PC, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and it has been announced that it will come to Xbox in 2021 as part of Xbox Game Pass as well. If you are somehow not familiar, it is a video game for 4 to 10 players where everyone attempts to prepare a spaceship for departure -- but there are impostors in the crew's midst that seek to kill off everyone else. The rest of the group is tasked with preparing the ship/location as well as ejecting the impostors before it's too late. Think Werewolf, but in digital space with cross-platform support. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Among Us right here.

What do you think about the horrifying fan art of what the crew looks like under their suits? Are you still playing Among Us? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to reach out and hit me up directly over on Twitter at @rollinbishop to talk about all things gaming!

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