Animal Crossing: New Horizons: How to Take Out Wasps With a Party Popper

Part of the appeal of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the fact that the game is a fairly relaxing experience. Well, most of the time, at least. The truth is, the desert islands that Nook, Inc. have selected for their Island Getaway Package are littered with antagonistic bugs, including tarantulas and wasps. Stings in the game don't do much other than temporarily messing up your face (which can be healed with medicine), but the attacks can be a bit anxiety-inducing! Players can turn the tables on both these pests by using the net, but there's a second item players can use to ward off an attack by wasps: the party popper.

To use the party popper to take out wasps, players will want the item equipped when shaking trees. Players will also want to face forward, so their character turns to face the wasps when their nest falls. As soon as your character finishes reacting to the hive's drop, spray away! This method probably won't get the approval of PETA, but the spray will immediately cause the wasps to disperse, saving you from a sting, and a trip to the Resident Services tent to get some medicine. Like the net, using the party popper against the wasps is all about timing, and it's easy to get stung before finding success.


Of course, there are a handful of catches. First of all, not everyone will be able to purchase the party popper right away, while nets are much easier to come by in the game. Also, players that use the party popper won't be able to catch a wasp to donate to Blathers, or to sell to Timmy Nook. Finally, the party popper only works once, so it really isn't an effective tool, in the long run. Essentially, this method is a bit fun, but it's costly and impractical in the long run. Still, it's a nice way to force some pesky foes to back off, and it should cause less anxiety for players when shaking trees for fruit, or to catch spiders.

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