New 'Anthem' Legion of the Dawn Edition Trailer Revealed

February can't get here fast enough for those excited to play BioWare's Anthem title, especially [...]

February can't get here fast enough for those excited to play BioWare's Anthem title, especially given the positive feedback that continues to grow as more and more about the story, the world, and player freedom is revealed. For those that pre-ordered - or are considering pre-ordering - the Legion of the Dawn edition of the game, a new trailer shows off exactly what's in store.

"In the darkest chapter of humanity's history, one hero — General Helena Tarsis — rose up to bring us into the light," reads the video's description. "The brave soldiers who joined her became enshrined in history as the Legion of Dawn. From the seeds of their sacrifice bloomed an entire civilization."

From the exclusive Dawn Armor packs, to a spiffy new Light of the Legion weapon - even the VIP Demo access - there's a lot of reasons to want to scoop up this edition of the game for those already hyped about BioWare's newest IP.

The studio has been very upfront in recent months with livestreams, blog posts, and social media Q&As about what the upcoming online adventure has in store. BioWare is no stranger to telling an amazing tale while being online, their entries into the Star Wars-verse prove just that, and there is so much for them to be excited to share.

There's a lot of work to be done between now and the first wave of testing, and a lot to prove for those still on the fence with pre-orders. Creative Director Jon Warner recently discussed the reasoning behind the tests and what that means for players: "We conduct playtests to ensure the key systems and technology that power the game will hold up when we launch. For this one specifically, we are focusing on load balancing and scale testing our servers and matchmaking. We will be focusing the time windows of the playtest to give you the best opportunity to experience a slice of the game with others. We will also shut down the servers and games multiple times without notice and bring them all up again. This playtest is all about the group experience and the dedicated servers. We've focused the content on what is outside of Fort Tarsis to give you a chance to enjoy that experience. We've purposely built a small slice of the game, so we can look at those things while you play and enjoy the game. Therefore, the content in this playtest is about a month old and isn't reflective of how the game looks and performs today or how it will at launch."

As for the game itself, players can begin their adventure on February 22, 2019 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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