Anthem Is Now Available in EA Access

BioWare’s Anthem has been added to Electronic Arts’ subscription-based EA Access. This means [...]

BioWare's Anthem has been added to Electronic Arts' subscription-based EA Access. This means that if you're a subscriber to either EA Access or Origin Access and haven't given the RPG a try yet, you can do so now by downloading the game on whatever platform you choose. Only the standard edition of the game is available on the service, so you won't get any of the extras that accompany the other editions, but you'll get a taste of Anthem to see if you're fond of it.

EA announced on Thursday that Anthem had been added to the vault of EA Access games while catching players up on what they might've missed since the game was released. Even if you didn't play Anthem when it first launched though, it's hard not to know what the game is about and what it's been through. You take control of different classes of mech suits that each boast their own abilities and customize them accordingly to deal with different threats while completing missions either on your own or with some companions.

Anthem's bumpy road that's led to this EA Access release has also been well documented. Amid news of Anthem causing PlayStation 4 users' consoles to shut down – some claimed their consoles were bricked – and news of the game's troubled development, BioWare has remaining optimistic in its statements about the future of Anthem. BioWare boss Casey Hudson said not long ago that he hopes to see Anthem's world "grow, evolve, and thrive for years to come."

Earlier in the summer, Anthem treated players to the release of a massive event that brought upon the long-awaited Cataclysm event. Players who are joining into Anthem now have missed out on part of the event already, but they've still got some time to take part in the game.

"Now is the perfect time to join the fight," EA said about the game in its EA Access announcement. "There are no level requirements in a Cataclysm, anyone at any level is welcome to enter. So even if this is your first time piloting a javelin, you can still face the storm, fight your way through the arenas, and earn both points and rewards. You'll also collect Crystals (a new in-game currency for use during this Cataclysm) that can be used to purchase War Chests and vanity items at a special seasonal store."

Anthem is now available for EA Access and Origin Access subscribers.