'Apex Legends' Players Have Chosen the Best Drop Spot

Apex Legends players have now decided on what they think is the best drop spot to land in at the [...]

Apex Legends players have now decided on what they think is the best drop spot to land in at the start of a match. Respawn Entertainment held a poll on Twitter that spanned several days where players participated in "Map Madness" to figure out which drop spots were the most favorable throughout the community. Different rounds knocked popular and unfavorable drop spots out of the brackets, and now that the final results are in, it looks like Skull Town is the optimal place to drop.

Results of Respawn's poll can be found below that show Skull Town defeating Bunker in the final round of voting. Bunker was able to pull out a modest showing from players who pushed it to receive 33 percent of the votes that totaled just over 123,000 for the final poll. As the Apex Legends Twitter account indicated with a tweet that led into the final poll, the final battle between Skull Town and Bunker wasn't a totally unexpected one since both locations are contested areas filled with loot. It could've gone either way, but if you're familiar with Apex Legends' many drop spots, it's not too surprising to see Skull Town win over Bunker to become the favorite drop spot throughout the community.

One interesting factor that might've played a part in the vote for the No. 1 spot is opinions about certain Legends. Apex Legends players by now will know that Bunker is Caustic's playground with the tight corridors and small rooms proving to be perfect areas for the Legend's traps, so if you don't play Caustic or don't like the character, you might not ever feel a need to drop at the Bunker unless you just want to risk it for the high-tier loot. Skull Town, conversely, is a much more level playing field for different Legends and is always a source of quick conflict since multiple teams usually drop their at the start.

The votes for the best Apex Legends drop spots began a few days ago. Both Skull Town and Bunker received a bye in the first round due to an uneven number of drop spots and the fact that Respawn likely knew they'd go far in the votes.