Apex Legends Fixed One of the Game's Most Frustrating Bugs

A small update for Apex Legends went out this week that finally took care of one of the game’s most frustrating bugs. That bug involved scenarios where a player would be knocked down, but instead of being left to wait on their teammates to revive them and get them back on the fight, they were able to pull out one of their weapons and continue shooting at the enemy. The bug happened infrequently enough to where you didn’t need to double-check every single Legend to see if they were downed or not, but on the off chance they still had their weapon available to them, it felt pretty awful to get downed by someone who was downed themselves.

The Apex Legends bug is one players have been noticing for a while now, but it wasn’t until this week that Respawn Entertainment resolved the problem. Through the game’s official Twitter account, the developers tweeted that they’d released a “quick patch that fixed an exploit which allowed players to shoot their weapon when downed.” That’s all the update did, but as far as bug fixes go, it’s a big one to have released.

For those who were fortunate enough to not come up against the bug in any of their Apex Legends matches, the video below from the Redditor hypnotic_btw showed what the bug looked like. Recreating the exploit in the Firing Range, the player downed themselves but was still able to access their Spitfire and shoot at the targets. Their downed health ticked away still, so the exploit had a timer on it, but the time it takes to bleed out when you’re downed still allowed for plenty of opportunities to shoot someone if this exploit happened in an actual game.

This bug is really unfair, fix it please. from r/apexlegends

The bug was frustrating to say the least if you went up against it, but if you were the one who accidently pulled off the exploit when you were trying to swap equipment or heal, it was hard not abuse it. If you’re downed with a weapon and your teammates are scrambling around you, of course you’re going to use the chance to help them out in Apex’s version of Call of Duty’s Last Stand.


With the bug now squashed, players won’t have to worry about downed enemies shooting at them, but be sure to keep checking for those gold Knockdown Shields to make sure they won’t get back in a more legitimate way.

Apex Legends is also set to reveal more about Loba and plans for Season 5 next week, so keep an eye on in-game teasers and official releases between now and then.