Apex Legends Disables Kings Canyon Map

One of the Apex Legends maps currently in rotation has been disabled because of an issue affecting Kings Canyon, Respawn Entertainment announced this week. The issue in question appeared to be causing crashes on the original Apex Legends map and seemed to be reproducible enough to warrant taking the map out until the problems are fixed. The map was removed on March 14th, and Respawn hasn't yet given an idea of when the issue will be resolved or when the map would be brought back.

Respawn announced the temporary removal of the map on Monday, but that wasn't the first response to the problem. The studio said previously that it was looking into the issue to see how it could be resolved, but it wasn't until after that the developers decided to remove Kings Canyon entirely until the problem was fixed.

For those who weren't privy to the Kings Canyon problems or those who might've had their games crash once or twice on that map but didn't know why, some players discovered what appeared to be the root of the issues. Over on the Caustic Treatment area of the map added as part of the Legend's Takeover event from several seasons ago, it appears that the act of taking the decked-out loot from Caustic's domain was crashing games. Taking that loot is really the only reason why anyone would venture over to the edge of Kings Canyon to pay Caustic's zone a visit, so if that's truly the cause of the problem, it's easy to see why the map would be disabled until the issues could be resolved.

Regardless of when the map will return, its departure may not be a huge deal to those who don't favor Kings Canyon much anyway. Kings Canyon was the original map in Apex Legends, but it's far from the only one available now and is joined by Olympus and Storm Point in the current season's rotations of maps. Ask any player what their favorite and least favorite map is and they'll have their answers and explanations at the ready, so for those who rank Kings Canyon lower on their list of favorites, you'll have a while to play without it until it's brought back.

The Respawn Twitter account will most likely announce the return of Kings Canyon as soon as the map is ready, so keep an eye on that and other socials to know when the map is fixed and returned.