Apex Legends Leak Claims Bunkers Are Opening Soon

The mysterious bunkers in Apex Legends will supposedly be opening later this month, according to a [...]

The mysterious bunkers in Apex Legends will supposedly be opening later this month, according to a new datamine that claimed to show times the bunkers would open and what players would be finding inside of them. Four different Terminal Stations were highlighted in an info dump from Apex dataminer Shrugtal who routinely shares these sorts of things online. The first of these bunkers around the King's Canyon map will supposedly start opening up on June 16th and be fully opened at a later date with others to follow afterwards until they're all opened by mid-July, though the exact circumstances of how the bunkers will open aren't known.

Shrugtal shared the tweet below recently that showed some different loot bunkers spread out throughout King's Canyon. Names of the bunkers were listed on each part of the graphic as well as the dates that they'll start opening. The first bunker will begin opening on June 16th and will be fully opened by June 23rd with others beginning their process right as the one before fully opens. Whether these bunkers will stay open to have all four accessible at once isn't known right now though since nothing has been officially announced about them.

Season 5 of Apex Legends has been all about mysterious motives and secretive quests revolving around Loba and Revenant with the other Legends filling different roles each week, so it's possible the bunkers will tie into "The Broken Ghost," the ongoing story for Season 5. While typical matches rage during the day on King's Canyon and World's Edge, Legends have been conducting covert operations at night at the bidding of Loba with every week bringing new content. The story is supposed to span throughout Season 5, so it wouldn't be surprising to see these bunkers involved somehow.

Or, they could just be purely there for gameplay reasons in the multiplayer setting which would still be just fine. The leak above shows several weapons like a golden Sentinel, Prowler, and Havoc as well as a gold Knockdown Shield housed within those bunkers. It's unknown whether those items will be first come, first server or whether players will actually have to do something to get to the items like they do when they're trying to open a vault or get the loot from the Bloodhound trials.

Expect those bunkers to start opening up later this month, but keep an eye out for more teasers about them sooner than that to see what's coming.