Biggest Apex Legends Leak Ever Reveals New Legends, Maps, and More

The word "huge" and its synonyms gets thrown around liberally when talking about gaming leaks, rumors, and related topics, but Apex Legends appears to have really and truly suffered its biggest leak ever this week. A treasure trove of information has been spilled online with players able to look into the game's future to see plans for new Legends, maps, weapons, skins, and more. Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has yet to comment on the matter, but given the size of the leak, some sort of statement seems inevitable even if it comes from individual devs on social media.

The leaks appear to have stemmed from a Google Drive folder shared online with the community crediting a well-known Apex leaker who goes by AG420, but the folder naturally didn't stay up for long. It was up long enough for people to sift through its contents and disperse them elsewhere, however, so now it's secrets are all over the Internet.

But instead of looking everywhere for the leaks, you can simply head to the ApexUncovered subreddit which has become the meeting point for Apex players to discuss everything within the sizable leaks. You'll see posts about Heirlooms, new Legends, maps, and hints about what might happen to some fan-favorite weapons in the future. There's also some drama going on within the leaker and dataminer community regarding who leaked the content and people apparently being framed for the leaks, too, if you want to keep up with that.

While the dissections within the subreddit are far too large to encapsulate here, you can check out this post in particular within the forum to get an idea of just how big this leak is. It reveals not only names but also abilities connected to not just one or two but nine new Legends apparently planned for releases in the future. Many of them don't have models yet and some clearly don't' have finalized artwork to show off their appearances, but that hasn't stopped players from making connections between the leaked characters and Titanfall lore while also speculating about how these abilities might impact the Apex meta in the future.

As with any leaks – and particularly this one – it's important to remember too that much of what's being talked about within that subreddit right now will probably differ greatly from what's actually released in the future. The nature of this leak may very well alter release plans itself, but even if it doesn't, abilities, names, and more are always subject to change, so don't bank too hard on any one thing from these leaks coming to fruition until Respawn officially announces something.