Apex Legends Now Has an Official Merch Store

If you need any gift ideas for an Apex Legends player or you’re a player yourself who just wants to let everyone know who your main is, there’s a new Apex Legends store that’s just opened up that’ll be perfect for you. Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts now have an Apex Legends merch store that’s stocked with different gear like clothing featuring some of the most popular legends and other accessories to show off your Apex Legends fandom.

The merch store opened its doors this week, according to an announcement shared through the game’s official Twitter account. A sampling of some of the best options the store has to offer was shared with the announcement along with a link to direct Apex Legends players to the rest of the store’s contents. It’s got shirts, coffee mugs, hats, jackets, and other gear to round out your Apex Legends collection.

Judging from the announcement in the tweet and the first wave of gear that’s appeared in the store, it looks like we’ll see waves of clothing and other items release as parts of larger collections. The first of those is the “Have Fun – Don’t Die” collection which includes a hat, a hoodie, three shirts, a water bottle, a blanket, and some socks. Each of those items are branded with the Death Box symbol players find on the containers that hold the gear of their fallen teammates and enemies, so expect future collections to carry themes like this one.

Outside of that collection, there are also shirts for the various Legends players might already call their favorites. Each of the Legends is represented in the clothing options which isn’t unexpected since the game still has a relatively small roster compared to similar hero-based games, but there’s also some more generic Apex Legends gear if you prefer to play around with other characters and aren’t stuck on one Legend.


One of the best parts of this merch store is that the things there actually seem reasonably priced. The most expensive things you’ll find are jackets that are just over $50, but that’s not outlandish for that type of gear.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see more gear added before the holidays are in full swing, so keep an eye on the store to see what comes next.

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