Apex Legends Reveals New L-STAR Weapon

Apex Legends players have already grown accustomed to the game’s many weapons throughout Season 1, but a new weapon is being added in Season 2 that players will have to familiarize themselves with. Proving past leaks about upcoming weapons and content to be accurate, the next season will introduce the L-STAR, a weapon that will be familiar to Titanfall veterans who played Titanfall 2. The gun won’t be a normal loot drop that you’ll find laying on the floor, so you’ll have to fight for control of a care package if you want the power of the L-STAR.

The L-STAR was revealed to be a new Apex Legends weapon during Electronic Arts’ big EA Play event where a brief gameplay demo was revealed to show off what the weapon is capable of. The Season 2 reveal video seen below shows this gameplay and the specifications of the weapon.

It’s a gold-tier weapon which means that you’ll only be finding this in care packages. That also means that the ammo you have with it at the start is all you’ll get, so you’ll have to manage it carefully or else you’ll waste the weapon’s power. The L-STAR is a full-auto weapon with a 60-round magazine capable of putting out a sustained rate of fire.

Respawn Entertainment’s project lead Drew McCoy spoke about the L-STAR during the EA Play event to discuss its power after it was revealed.

“It’s actually a care package weapon ‘cause it’s so OP,” McCoy said. “It’s so amazing. It’s like the Mastiff or the Kraber, it’s incredibly powerful.”


In the gameplay demo, you may have noticed that it was able to bust down some doors as well, a mechanic that’s only reserved to a few different weapons and abilities right now. McCoy confirmed that knocking down doors is one of the things the L-STAR is capable of, so someone who finds this weapon in the late-game stages won’t have to worry about enemies who constantly try to block themselves into rooms.

Apex Legends’ big presence at the EA Play event also brought about the reveal of the game’s newest Legend, a character called Wattson. We also know when Season 2 will begin with the next season revealed to be called “Battlecharge.” A new weapon, Legend, better battle pass, and other features are just some of what’s been confirmed for Season 2 so far.