Apex Legends Patch Notes, Trailer Tease New Weapon

Apex Legends has a new event coming up which means a new set of patch notes and cosmetics for players to look forward to. However, it looks like Respawn Entertainment hid a teaser in the trailer and patch notes for the upcoming Evolution Collection Event that hint at something even further down the line: A new weapon. It's known right now as the "Nemesis Burst AR," and it's presumably an Energy Ammo assault rifle that'll arrive whenever the next season starts.

The weapon made its first appearance in the trailer below that showed off different parts of the Evolution Collection Event. Around a minute and 15 seconds into the trailer, we see a skin featuring Rampart and the game's Arenas mode where the Legend shopped through different assault rifles and LMGs. In the very middle of the grid of weapons was the new Nemesis Burst AR.

While it appears as though it currently uses the same model that the R-301 does, that's most likely a placeholder until the actual design for the Nemesis is in place. You can tell it's supposed to be an Energy Ammo weapon from the attachment icons which show that Extended Energy Magazines are compatible with the Nemesis.

Over in the patch notes for the update associated with the Evolution Collection Event, we see that the same screen from the trailer above was used there, too. Again, the Nemesis appears in the same spot, though the actual text within the patch notes makes no mention of the Nemesis.

One could consider this a "leak" – Ryan Rigney, the director of comms on Apex Legends, even joked on Twitter that the team "accidently leaked an unreleased gun" on Thursday – but Apex players are somewhat used to seeing these kinds of teases by now. Prior to the Marksman weapons being added which include the newish Bocek bow and the retooling of the G7 Scout and 30-30 Repeater weapons, signs of the Marksman weapon class were spotted in trailers previously, too. Whether you consider them leaks or hints smartly planted for players to find, they still give welcome previews of what's to come.


As for this next weapon, it looks like we'll probably see the Nemesis released when the next season begins. If the description of the weapon is any indication of how it'll be used, this will be our first Energy Ammo weapon that shoots in a burst-fire pattern. Only two Heavy Ammo weapons – the Prowler and the Hemlock – are capable of that at the time.