Apex Legends' New Respawn Feature Is Now in Every Game Mode

Apex Legends players now have a new way to respawn in any type of match they’re in now that the Mobile Respawn Beacons have been added to all of the game’s available modes. Respawn Entertainment announced on Tuesday that two different updates were released this morning, one of which brought on the wide release of the new feature that was originally introduced during the Lost Treasures event. Players got their first look at the Mobile Respawn Beacons during that limited-time event and were able to respawn their teammates wherever they wanted to so long as they had one in their inventory.

For those who didn’t play in the event, you may be surprised to see teammates and enemies being respawned at atypical points throughout the Apex Legends maps. This feature functions as an inventory item that players can plop down wherever they want to respawn any fallen teammates so long as they’ve got their banners to do so.

When it was first added, Respawn warned of the dangers of calling in a Respawn Ship via the Mobile Respawn Beacon. It can be used by other teams just like a normal Respawn Beacon, so just because you’ve got one and found a safe spot to put it down doesn’t mean it won’t attract some attention.

“Then from the inventory screen, deploy it anywhere on the map and save your fallen teammates,” Respawn said. “But beware, calling in a Respawn Beacon takes time, giving your enemies time to find you, take you out, and use that Beacon you just deployed. So find that safe spot before you call it in.”

“All modes” means it’s in both he normal Trios and Duos modes as well as the ranked environment, so expect to see the Mobile Respawn Beacons scattered throughout the maps from now on.


The other update released this morning fixed an issue with Loba’s Tactical ability on the World’s Edge map. Players had found that there were some areas of the map where her Tactical ability simply wouldn’t work. The game would return Loba’s bracelet to her as if she’d targeted an inaccessible location even if she should’ve been able to get there no problem.

Apex Legends’ latest updates are now live across all platforms.

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