Apex Legends Season 11 Launch Trailer Shows Off New Legend

The launch trailer for Apex Legends Season 11 has arrived, and with it comes a better look at the newest Legend, Ash, as well as the same tropical environment that Respawn Entertainment seems to have been teasing over the past couple of days. The trailer features a number of Legends fighting on an island during what was supposed to be a beach day, according to Mirage, and it also appears to show us our first real look at what Ash may be capable of in-game.

Respawn's launch trailer for Season 11 – a season officially referred to as "Apex Legends: Escape" by the developers – can be seen below after it premiered on Thursday. It opens with Mirage, Bangalore, and more spending time on a beach which wasn't named but certainly looks much different from the three maps currently available in Apex Legends. It lines up with the teasers we've seen already and appears to be home to Prowlers, big spiders, and other forms of wildlife.

The trailer shows plenty of the new island map without really saying much about it, but the real star of the launch trailer is Ash, the newest Legend coming to the Apex Games. Ash was confirmed not long ago by Respawn to be the next Legend with Ash being another character directly connected to the Titanfall games just as Valkyrie is.

Ash is seen using her sword throughout the trailer, though it's never made clear if that's part of her kit or just cinematic flair. More interesting than that, however, are the moments where we appear to see hints of her abilities. At the 1:27 mark in the trailer, an object that looks somewhat like an Arc Star is thrown at Caustic, but the effect of it is notably different from that of the throwable. Given that Ash shows up right afterwards, it's implied she's the one who used it.

Later in the video around the 3-minute mark, we see a portal show up with no Wraith in sight to be the source of the ability. Ash is able to travel through the portal to close the distance on Horizon, though the distance traveled is rather short.

If you prescribe to the leaks that frequently surface prior to big Apex reveals, these abilities line up with people's expectations. Respawn has not yet officially revealed what Ash's abilities are, nor has it confirmed a new map, so we'll have to wait until more details are shared closer to the November 2nd launch of the new season to see what all is coming.