Apex Legends Developer Teases New Season 13 and Season 14 Characters

Apex Legends Season 9 is adding a new character, Valkyrie, a character Titanfall players will need little introduction to. That said, while the character is new to players, she's not exactly new for developers. According to Lead Game Designer Daniel Klein, the team at Respawn Entertainment is working on new characters for Season 13 and Season 14.

Unfortunately, this is all Klein reveals. From the sounds of it, both of these characters are in the early stages of development, which makes sense, as they are likely at least a year away given that we still have to get through Season 9, Season 10, Season 11, and Season 12.

"Yeeeeaaah when people ask me about the new weapon I'm like... wait... which one of the ones we've been playtesting for a year," said the developer. "Oh, right it's the bow! Wow, that's old. Character-wise we're figuring out seasons 13 and 14 at the moment... just to give you an idea."

Thanks to leaks, we know of a few characters in the works that haven't been added yet, but these two characters, in particular, are likely none of these characters, which we know take roughly nine to eleven months to create from pre-production to release.

Of course, if Klein provides any more insight or information about either of these mystery characters, we will update the story accordingly, but don't expect this to happen. A new character is releasing every season, which means there are three more characters to get through before this pair release. In other words, there's absolutely zero reason to talk about them in detail.


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