Apex Legends Accidentally Nerfed Two Characters, But Fix Is Coming Soon

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that two characters were accidentally nerfed with a recent update and that these nerfs will be reverted with Season 9. If you've noticed that since the Chaos Theory update dropped that Bangalore and Caustic are a bit different, it's because they are. For a month, both characters have been carrying nerfs that weren't supposed to happen.

It's unclear why the Chaos Theory update did this, but since its release, Bangalore and Caustic's smoke hasn't been as effective. Before the update, the smoke of each was far more effective to hide in. At the time, many assumed this was simply a nerf, but it wasn't. Technically it was, but not by design. In the past, Respawn confirmed this was an accidental nerf, but there was no exact word when it would be fixed, until now.

Over on Reddit lead gamer designer, Daniel Klein provided an update on the fix. Klein didn't say much, but did confirm a fix is coming with Season 9. That said, it's unclear if this fix will launch alongside Season 9 or just sometime during Season 9. And right now, it's unclear if there will be any tweak involved or if the smoke of each character will simply return to how it was before it was accidentally nerfed.

If it's coming alongside the launch of Season 9, it will be live on May 4, barring any delay. However, if it's just coming sometime during Season 9, it could be months away. Whatever the case, if Respawn provides any more information about this or if Klien provides any type of clarification, we will update the story with said information.


Apex Legends is available, for free, via the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. It's also in development for mobile phones.

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