Apex Legends Season 8 Launch Trailer Released

Respawn Entertainment gave the Apex Legends community their best look yet at Season 8 this week with the premiere of the next season’s launch trailer. Season 8: Mayhem will feature a new Legend known as Fuse who’ll bring some destructive power to the Apex Games, though we’ve already met him prior to the gameplay trailer through his own reveal. The launch trailer for Season 8 showed his grand entrance to the Apex Games and more of the tease from before that hinted at how Kings Canyon would be ravaged by his arrival.

You can check out the launch trailer below to see Fust in action for a brief while before his ship lays siege to Kings Canyon. Fuse’s entrance is a dramatic one as he flies in on a ship from the planet Salvo, but his debut is interrupted by Maggie, his former longtime friend and partner. The ship’s weapons open fire on Kings Canyon after Maggie takes over as explosives hidden around the map go off to add to the destruction.

If the events unfolding in the trailer don’t quite make sense to you, you may need to revisit the Legend’s first trailer that showed off his origin story and his relationship with Maggie. The two were partners in crime since childhood, but as they got older, Fuse gained popularity from brutal fighting tournaments until his was invited to be Salvo’s first competitor in the Apex Games. This came at the same time as Salvo joined the Syndicate organization with neither of those developments sitting well with Maggie. Maggie’s the reason that Fuse lost one arm and had it replaced with a robotic prosthetic, and it appears she’s not letting her grudge go now that he’s journeyed to the Apex Games.

Though this isn’t a gameplay trailer, we can see some elements of what’s to come through what was shown in the launch trailer. Along with the new 30-30 Repeater weapon that Fuse is bringing to the Apex Games for every Legend to use, we got to see a bit more of his kit. He shoots explosives from his wrist at one point which will likely end up being his Tactical ability. Those who’ve been playing non-ranked matches in Apex Legends lately have likely seen huge explosives falling from the sky and embedding themselves into the ground during the final rounds of a match which appears to be a teaser for his Ultimate ability.

Apex Legends Season 8 starts on February 2nd, so expect more info to be shared soon on Fuse, the reworked Kings Canyon, and other features soon.