Apex Legends' New Teaser Features Hellboy and More Clues

Respawn Entertainment first hinted at the new Apex Legends character in a celebratory video released last week, and on Saturday, yet another teaser was released. In the latest image that appears to show things from the new Legend’s perspective, we see a quaint picture of a new home. It looks like there’s not much to it at first glance, but as we’ve come to expect from these sorts of teasers, there are a couple of clues to take notice of.

While it’s never explicitly said that this is a character for the new Legend coming to the game, we can definitely determine that the person being teased here is the same one that the last teaser focused on. The jacket on the table in the house is the same one in the room from Thursday that looked out into space, so we’re certainly dealing with the same person here.

Wherever they were in the past, it’s implied this is their new home now. Moving boxes litter the room along with a grant deed which is perhaps the deed to the house. The most explicit detail about the move is the note on the bottom-right that says “you’re gonna love it here, it’s just like home” with a heart as the signature.

Other details to note include the photo on the table of someone holding a chicken, though their head is obscured by a glare on the photo. Several cups of Apex Noodles on the table mirror the old candy wrappers from the first photo to flesh out the character’s personality as a snacker or someone who’s got quite the appetite. There’s also some sort of specimen in a case on the back wall which must mean it’s pretty important if most everything else is still packed up and that object is already out.

Another similarity between this teaser and the last one is the subject’s choice of reading materials. They’ve got a copy of a Hellboy comic on the table whereas the last teaser referenced both Death Note and My Hero Academia. Just as the past teaser had a copy of the unreleased Apex Legends: Overtime comic, this one has the Pathfinder’s Quest lore book that is currently available.


If you’re looking for the ever-present Nessie, she’s in the image as well. Nessie’s sitting on top of the stove behind the news hologram to the right which isn’t exactly a safe place for the stuffed figure, but at least she made an appearance.

Apex Legends’ video about amassing 100 million players teased the date of April 19th for some sort of reveal, so perhaps we’ll see how all these teasers fit together on that day as we get closer to the start of Season 9.