'Apex Legends' Year 1 Roadmap Revealed

As quick as it was revealed and launched Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment already has several seasons' worth of content planned out through a Year 1 roadmap that's been revealed.

Respawn shared several Apex Legends videos recently which revealed the game itself and featured its gameplay, and one of those "Deep Dive" trailers laid out the plans for the game's first year. Seen in the video above around the 5:35 mark, the roadmap shows what's coming across four different seasons, the first of which appears to officially kick off in March. A screenshot of the road map can also be seen below to reveal what's included.

Apex Legends Roadmap
(Photo: EA)

Unsurprisingly, Apex Legends will follow other battle royale models with a battle pass for each of the four seasons. What's included in each of those battle passes hasn't been revealed, but like Fortnite and some other battle royale titles, Apex Legends will have the advantage of being a free-to-play game with the battle pass being optional to entice those who won't have to spend an up-front cost to play.

Each of those seasons will include the same four categories of content, according to the roadmap. Every season will have a new battle pass, more Legends which are the specialized characters players can choose from, new weapons, and new loot. The first season which starts in March will be followed by others in June, September, and December to cap off the year. The video's narration alluded to the future of the game by mentioning new characters and seasonal events which, if other battle royale games are anything to go off of, will introduce limited-time changes or loot that players can take advantage of before the events end.

"The competition continues to attract new aspiring Legends from all corners of the Frontier," the video teased. "Who knows where the next champion will come from? And with seasonal events bringing new challenges and opportunities, we've only seen the beginning of what's in store for those brave enough to step foot into the arena."


Apex Legends is now available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC as a free-to-play game, and though cross-play isn't yet part of the game, Respawn says the feature is coming.