Apple Leaks Fortnite Chapter 2 and Possibly a New Map

Apple appears to have inadvertently leaked the plans for the next stage of Fortnite’s ongoing content plans. Something called “Fortnite Chapter 2” appeared in some images within the game’s app page in the Italian Apple Store, and if that’s what people think it is, we might see Season 11 go by that name. Season 11 may also mark the arrival of a new map and likely many more drastic changes for the game.

The tweet below from a Twitter account specializing in Fortnite leaks shows some of the images found on the Italian Apple Store’s page for the game. Most intriguing is the first image which clearly references the “Chapter 2” name that’ll potentially be affixed to the next season. The same image shows a few characters standing on a hill overlooking an area that looks different compared to the existing Fortnite map, a teaser which could be hinting at the reveal of a second map.

Fortnite’s map has changed consistently over the past few seasons with Season X focusing on nostalgia as previous points of interest made their returns. Never has there been a second main map to go alongside or replace the original one though, so if a new map is presented in Season 11 as either an option or a replacement, it’d be a big development. Hints at other bits of upcoming content can be seen in the image through things like the boats traveling through the new river.

Getting a Fortnite 2 never really seemed like a route Epic Games would take, but if this leak plays out like people are thinking it will, this seems like it’ll essentially be something like that while still being Fortnite. Going 10 seasons and then starting the first season of “Chapter 2” doesn’t sound like an idea that’s too far out there if Epic Games is planning on introducing a new map and other equally sizable changes.


Donald Mustard, the creative director at Epic Games, has been teasing something related to whatever’s on the way for Fortnite. It’s easy to look too far into things and think everything is a tease – Fortnite players and anyone else who’s super into a game have been guilty of that before – but it certainly looks like an end of some sort is coming.

An end-of-season event is scheduled to take place on October 13th, so we’ll have to see what Epic Games has planned for that event to determine what Chapter 2 might look like in the world of Fortnite.