Ariana Grande Shows Off New Pokemon Tattoo

Ariana Grande will be permanently showing off her Pokemon fandom.Earlier this morning, the pop [...]

Ariana Grande will be permanently showing off her Pokemon fandom.

Earlier this morning, the pop singer shared a picture of her brand new Eevee tattoo on Instagram. "I've wanted this for so long," read the caption on the photo. The new tattoo shows Eevee smiling with one paw raised and is located on the outer side of her bicep. LA-based tattoo artist Kane Navasard is credited with the new artwork.. You can check out Grande's new tattoo below:

grande tattoo

Eevee has always been a popular Pokemon, but the fuzzy Normal-type Pokemon has reached new levels of popularity when it was tapped to co-star in the recent Pokemon games alongside Pikachu. The Pokemon Company seems set to raise Eevee to become a second mascot for the franchise, and Grande's tattoo will likely push the Pokemon to even greater heights.

Obviously, Grande is a huge Pokemon fan. Just yesterday, Grande mentioned to fans on Twitter that spent her last day off playing Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! for fifteen hours. While she didn't reveal what her favorite Pokemon was during that conversation, it seems clear that she's got a soft spot for Eevee, considering that she's now sporting the fuzzy Pokemon on her arm.

Grande also shared her love of Pokemon Go when it came out in 2016, although it's unclear whether she still plays.

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Considering that some Pokemon in Pokemon: Let's Go can only be unlocked by linking the game to Pokemon Go, we're guessing that Grande at least dusted her account off for a little while.

Back in September the singer got and shared a new tattoo of the heroine from Spirited Away. It seems that she's a huge anime fan, just like the rest of us too.

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