Arkham Horror Card Game Gets Revised Core Set

Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new Core Set for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, adding several quality-of-life improvements to the popular tabletop game. The Revised Core Set will contain everything players need for up to four players to play Arkham Horror: The Card Game, including cards for player decks, and newly designed numbered tokens to help make keeping track of the game a bit easier. The Revised Core Set also contains several higher-level cards that weren't in the original Core Set to help give players new options when they advance through a campaign. These cards were previously found in early expansions and aren't new to the game.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game is a living card game in which players take on the role of 1920 investigators facing paranormal threats tied to the Cthulhu mythos. Players use cards to equip their investigators with the abilities they need to investigate locations and try to survive encounters with assorted monsters and mad cultists.

The Revised Core Set represents a re-packaging of Arkham Horror: The Card Game as opposed to a new edition or reboot. While some cards have received new artwork, there are no changes to any card mechanics or rules. Players who already own the Core Set and other Arkham Horror: The Card Game expansions won't need to purchase the Revised Core Set at all. The aim for the Revised Core set seems to be to make things easier for new players to jump into a game without spending too much time on set-up or in-game upkeep.

This is the second major change announced for how Arkham Horror: The Card Game is packaged. Fantasy Flight Games previously announced that they would change how expansions were released. While Fantasy Flight previously released new expansions through a Deluxe Expansion and a series of Mythos Packs, future expansions starting with Edge of the Earth will consist of two separate expansion boxes. One box will contain new player cards used to build investigator decks and the other will contain cards related to running a new campaign.


Arkham Horror: The Card Game's Revised Core Set will be released in October.