Asmongold Reveals Why He Won't Play Genshin Impact

Asmongold first found fame streaming World of Warcraft, but has since branched out to other games, [...]

Asmongold first found fame streaming World of Warcraft, but has since branched out to other games, as well. There's one game the streamer does not seem interested in, however, and that's Genshin Impact. During a stream of Gamescom Opening Night live, Asmongold made it clear that miHoYo's title has drawn his interest, and he would play the game if it "didn't have all that bulls**t in it." While the streamer did not elaborate on this point, it seems that he was referring to the game's use of microtransactions. Asmongold has been critical of the industry practice in the past, taking particular issue with their use in games like New World.

In a post about Amazon's MMO back in May, Asmongold stated that he is "categorically against all microtransactions," but he takes greater issue with microtransactions that equate to "pay for convenience" and "pay to win" versus microtransactions for things like skins. The streamer's viewpoint is that these models lead to developers making their games less enjoyable in order to make more money.

"They're making the game worse on purpose to motivate you to give them more money. The same money you spent hours of your life working for, they're asking you to give them on top of paying for the game to solve a problem they created," the streamer wrote.

It's worth reiterating that these past statements are not about Genshin Impact, but about the gaming industry's reliance on microtransactions in general. Whether or not Genshin Impact's microtransactions fit that qualification is a topic for debate, but it's easy to see why Asmongold might take issue with the game as a result.

Despite the game's free-to-play structure, Genshin Impact has found significant success since its release last year. As of March, the game had earned more than $1 billion worldwide. No matter how Asmongold might feel about the game's use of microtransactions, the model clearly seems to be working for miHoYo!

Genshin Impact is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, iOS, and Android. You can check out our previous coverage of the game right here.

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