Atlus, Sega Announce Tokyo Game Show Event

Atlus and Sega will share new announcements at Tokyo Game Show.

Sega and its Persona developer, Atlus, announced this week plans to hold a special stream next month as part of the larger Tokyo Game Show event. The stream itself will be part of a monthly series Sega does where it talks about new and recent titles, but given that this one's going to be held at Tokyo Game Show, viewers can hopefully expect a bit more from it. Specific games that might make an appearance haven't been confirmed, but there are enough possibilities between Atlus and its parent company Sega to fuel ideas about what might be there.

A special site's been set up for the stream to set the time and date for when it'll happen, but again, no specific games were mentioned there either. The stream will happen on September 21st, a Thursday, at 3 a.m. PT, so unless you're planning on being up for it, your best bet is to catch up on the news that day.

Atlus Games at Tokyo Game Show

With Atlus going to Tokyo Game Show alongside Sega, the first series that most likely comes to mind is Persona, the series that Atlus is best known for right now. Persona 3 Reload is on the way and just recently got a release date for February 2nd, so it's pretty likely that we'll see that game make an appearance there during the stream. Other potential Persona games like a fighting game have been talked about, too, but that game is only based on rumors at this time. Following the success of remakes of Persona games and multiple surveys that asked fans what kinds of games they'd want to see rereleased in the future, it's also been said that Atlus is open to the idea of remaking more Persona games.

Of course, the big one that people would hope to see during something like this is Persona 6, the next mainline Persona game to follow the immensely successful Persona 5. Atlus has said basically nothing about the next Persona game, but that hasn't stopped people from hanging onto any rumor about it. Atlus does have a totally new game in the works called Metaphor: ReFantazio, so we'll perhaps see that one during the stream.

Sega Games at Tokyo Game Show

Those are some of the Atlus games that might be at the event, but Atlus is only part of the stream with non-Atlus Sega games making up the rest. Two different Like a Dragon games (of the series formerly and better known as the Yakuza games) called Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and Like a Dragon: The Man Who Erased His Name are both in the works with at least one of those likely to make an appearance at Tokyo Game Show. Sonic Superstars is also in the works, and as we've seen from past Sonic the Hedgehog games, Sega has no shortage of Sonic spin-offs, so we might see Sonic at Tokyo Game Show, too.