'Attack on Titan TACTICS' Mobile Game Announced

Attack on Titan is coming to mobile devices in the form of an innovative new real time strategy game. Mobile developer DeNA announced Attack on Titan TACTICS, a new free-to-play mobile game that will allow players to build their own Scout Regiment team to keep waves of monstrous Titans at bay. Attack on Titans TACTICS will come with three main game modes - a Story mode that follows the anime, Character Episodes featuring original stories, and limited-time Events.

DeNA provided ComicBook.com with a preview of Attack on Titans TACTICS last month, showing off some of the real-time gameplay. Players will get to choose from 38 different characters with different abilities, including fan favorites like Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, to stop waves of Titans from destroying their base. Different characters have different abilities that can hinder or kill Titans in a hurry, but Titans can also capture Scouts. If the Scouts aren't freed quickly, the Titans will eat them and players won't be able to use them for the remainder of the round.

In addition to the excellent looking gameplay, Attack on Titans TACTICS will also feature voiceovers from the original Japanese anime cast and theme songs from Linked Horizon. The game launched in Japan today and North American and Australian players can pre-register at the game's website.


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