Last Chance To Get 'Destiny 2' Gear In September's Loot Gaming Crate

September is coming to and end, and so is Loot Gaming's order period for their AUGMENT-themed crate. It will contain exclusive gear from Prey, Borderlands and Destiny 2 - including the Cayede-6 figure below. I would have kept the figure reveal a surprise, but Loot Crate has made that impossible.

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(Photo: Loot Crate)

The image above is the first thing you see upon visiting the Loot Gaming subscription order page. Surprise! Still, we don't know what they have in store for the rest of the crate. What will the Prey and Borderlands merch be? What game will the t-shirt focus on? Will there be another Destiny 2 item? You'll have to start your subscription before September 27th at 9pm PT to find out. Don't forget to use the code "nerdapproved" at checkout to save yourself 10%.

If you want to get your hands on some more awesome and unique Destiny 2 merch, I highly suggest checking out the official lineup. It contains everything from scented candles with a Ghost candle holder to Christmas bulbs. Seriously.



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