First Gotham Knights Gameplay Revealed

WB Montreal treated DC fans to their first look at gameplay from the newest Batman game on Saturday with the reveal of Gotham Knights. The gameplay presentation came courtesy of the DC FanDome event that promised its virtual attendees insights into new films and games in the works within Warner Bros. It also followed a lengthy trail of teasers dating back months from now that picked up in the week before the gameplay reveal and hinted at what parts of the Batman universe would be present in the new game.

A trailer alone would’ve been plenty to satisfy DC fans, but WB Montreal followed up the reveal trailer with a gameplay presentation to show off our first look at Gotham Knights in action. Different characters’ abilities were showcased, and we even got a look at what appeared to be some boss fights against memorable DC villains like Mr. Freeze.

Prior to the reveal of the new Batman game, players were sent on a scavenger hunt for more details as clues were shared online through a cryptic Twitter account. Those deciphered clues led to an even more puzzling site where people had to input codes to get new details. Many of those reveals were spoiled ahead of time due to people sifting through the site’s code to see what’d be revealed in the buildup to the DC FanDome event which made the wait seem even longer in the few days before the panel and reveal.

Through those teasers, we saw glimpses of what appeared to be the game’s map. They were shown through files owned by the Gotham City Police Department which gave us our first indication of a setting for the game, though Gotham always seemed like a likely venue for a Batman game anyway.


Those teasers also hinted at some of the characters and factions we’d see play roles in the new Batman title. A graphic that showed up after inputting one of the codes correctly appeared to reference Two-Face, a Batman villain who was then assumed to play a part in the game. The teasers also hinted at things like the Court of Owls, a group that’s long been rumored to be a part of WB Montreal’s Batman plans.

A new Batman game is always a welcome reveal, but it’s not the only video game plans to speak of that are coming from the DC FanDome event. Rocksteady Studios previewed in recent weeks the full reveal of its long-awaited project called Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Rocksteady has notably skipped pretty much every major gaming event in the buildup to its new game, but we’re finally due to learn more about it from DC FanDome.