Battlefield 6: Massive Multiplayer Map Teased by Insider With New Image

Based on a new image that has emerged from a reliable Battlefield insider, it looks like [...]

Based on a new image that has emerged from a reliable Battlefield insider, it looks like Battlefield 6 could feature greater multiplayer battles than anything else we have seen in the franchise previously. The upcoming next-gen installment in the popular shooter series could be more chaotic than ever before if the image is accurate. Whether this exact map ends up appearing in the finished product remains to be seen, but it does give us an idea of what could be in store.

Shared on Twitter, insider Tom Henderson showed off a new mock-up drawing of a potential map in Battlefield 6. Henderson didn't state whether this sketch is something that came directly from DICE or if instead it was drawn by himself, but this seems to showcase what one of the multiplayer locations in Battlefield 6 could be. The area notably contains a few standout features, first and foremost being that it takes place at some sort of rocket launching facility. Not only are a number of rockets said to reside on the map, but there is even one that may take off during the course of a match.

In addition to this, Henderson also teased that the area is one that will be overrun by a storm that culminates in a tornado occurring. The idea of natural disasters appearing in Battlefield 6 is something that we have actually heard about from Henderson in the past, but this sketch seems to give us an idea of how they will actually function in-game. To see a tornado whipping through an area that is filled with rockets left and right, it sure seems like this location is one that would be hectic to say the least.

Based on everything that we continue to hear about Battlefield 6, it sounds like DICE and Electronic Arts could be sitting on something special. For now, we still haven't seen what the game itself really looks like, but that should change in the coming month or so. A formal reveal is rumored to transpire at some point in May.

Until then, all we know with certainty is that Battlefield 6 should release later on in 2021 and will come to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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