'Battlefield V' Trailer Reveals Firestorm Battle Royale Gameplay

Battlefield V’s latest trailer has finally revealed a first look at the gameplay of the game’s [...]

Battlefield V's latest trailer has finally revealed a first look at the gameplay of the game's new battle royale mode called "Firestorm." The trailer above shows the perils of the Firestorm ring that closes in on players and forces the fight to a certain location, a similar experience to what's seen in other battle royale games, but it also showed off some new features players might not find elsewhere.

Firestorm's map is a big one, something that players might've gathered from seeing its full reveal a few days ago. It's about five times the size of Hamada, the trailer explained, Hamada being one of the maps found in Battlefield V. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 similarly upped the size of its map to scale with the number of players that it houses.

The core parts of the battle royale experience are all seen in the trailer. Players drop into the map, scramble for weapons, and start taking down enemies once they find gear, all while escaping the advances of the Firestorm that closes in on them. People who are downed can be revived by teammates, and looting player's inventories and loot drops yield the best results for surviving.

Firestorm's got more than a few vehicles to pick from – 17 to be exact – including airborne, aquatic, and amphibious modes of transportation. Helicopters, tanks, and even tractors are some of the options players have and can either be found throughout the map or earned by completing certain objectives. This method of acquiring loot and other rewards like artillery strikes are just a few examples of how Firestorm seems to set itself apart from other battle royale games, though how common or useful these features will be remains to be seen.

Many of the details pertaining to Firestorm that were touched on briefly in the trailer were discussed previously when Electronic Arts' site was updated with new information. Battlefield V players still have just under a week to go before the new Firestorm mode release on March 25th, so expect to see more teasers and trailers like this one before that date.


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