Bayonetta Twin Pack For Nintendo Switch Gets A Beautiful Special Edition - But Will It Come Stateside?

Bayonetta Special

It wasn’t that long ago that Nintendo confirmed that it would be bringing both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 to the Nintendo Switch, and also announced Bayonetta 3 being in development as well. But now the real goods are starting to pour in, as Nintendo of Europe has prepped a special edition pack featuring the first two Bayonetta games, set to release this February.

Available for pre-order here, the package, which sells for 69.99 in pounds, features a copy of Bayonetta 2, along with a digital download code for Bayonetta, a SteelBook case, and a set of Bayonetta-themed stickers and collectible Verse Cards. In addition, there’s also a special – and beautiful – poster included with the package, featuring twin Bayonettas in action in red and blue backgrounds.

Currently, the special edition is only being offered inEurope. However, as we’ve seen in the past, Nintendo of America has managed to bring over these special editions, albeit in limited quantities. We’ll let you know once the company confirms anything.

Bayonetta Special 2jpgg

That said, the Nintendo Switch is region free, so maybe you’ll be able to import this and enjoy everything it has to offer – though the Bayonetta download may be in question, considering that the U.S. and European eShop set-ups are different.


We’ll let you know how Nintendo moves forward with a possible U.S. release for this, because, man, we need it.

Bayonetta 1 and 2 release on February 16th for Nintendo Switch. You can also check the games out now on Nintendo Wii U.