Bethesda Job Listings Leak Information on New Xbox Series X Exclusive From DOOM Developer

Bethesda owns iD Software and Microsoft owns Bethesda, which means iD software -- the studio best known for DOOM and Quake -- is now making Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console exclusives. There's always a chance the developer will make multi-platform games or experiment with multi-platform releases, but this seems unlikely. Going forward, the safe assumption is that PS5 players will be missing out on iD Software releases going forward, which is a big loss for PlayStation fans, as iD Software is one of the best developers in the industry. 

Right now, we don't know what it's working on after releasing DOOM Eternal in 2020. That said, we have a hint thanks to some job listings for the studio, which reveal the team is working on a "long-running iconic action FPS" that will feature "AAA quality sci-fi and fantasy environmental vistas and skyboxes." This sounds like Quake, right?

As you may know, rumors have been claiming that the studio is working on a new Quake game, so these job listings details don't come as a complete surprise. 

Quake debuted back in 1996. At one point, it was one of the biggest series in gaming, but this hasn't been the case for a while. In 2017, iD Software tried to revive the series with Quake Champions, but failed. That said, after successfully reviving DOOM,  perhaps there are people within iD Software and Xbox who think Quake can be salvaged and modernized as well. Personally, I'm doubtful of this, but if the series is going to have a chance at relevance, a reboot is necessary. And a battle royale mode wouldn't hurt either. While the game's hardcore fans will be expecting a pure arena shooter, the reality is arena shooters aren't very hot right now. 

All of that said, we are getting ahead of ourselves. For now, we don't know if this mystery game is Quake. It sounds like it's Quake, but for now, this is unconfirmed speculation. 

At the moment of publishing, none of the implicated parties have addressed any of this speculation. If this changes, the story will be updated with everything you need to know.