Bethesda Could Reportedly Hold Its Own Showcase Separate From Xbox This Summer

Even though it's about to become owned by Microsoft and join Xbox Game Studios, it sounds like gaming publisher Bethesda could still be operating somewhat independently as we move on throughout 2021. Specifically, in regards to any events that might transpire this upcoming summer, it sounds like Bethesda could still opt to hold its own showcases rather than joining in on what Xbox might be doing.

Mentioned by GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb, he expects Bethesda to still look to hold its own presentation this summer in the window in which E3 would normally take place. Grubb said that this is mostly because publishers typically begin planning their reveals and events for the summer far earlier than one would initially think. As such, since Xbox's deal to acquire Bethesda is only just now going to become official, each company has been planning its own events separate from one another for quite some time. Rather than ruin any of those plans, Xbox might just let Bethesda continue on as it normally would this summer.

Grubb also went on to double down on his previous report and said that he still expects an event of some sort to happen soon once Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda fully transpires. At this time, the two entities will begin to talk more about what it will look like for Bethesda to join Xbox Game Studios and how that process will evolve over time. Grubb also said that Microsoft also might talk about Xbox Game Pass and how more of Bethesda's titles could soon come to the service.

At the moment, we're still in a holding pattern when it comes to all of this news related to Xbox and Bethesda, but it sounds like there should be a whole lot of new information coming about soon. Whenever that happens, we'll obviously keep you in the loop here at


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