BioShock 4 Tease May Reveal New Setting

A new tease that seems to be associated with BioShock 4 may have revealed the setting of the next game in the long-running shooter series. 2K Games announced back in 2019 that it was in the midst of working on a new BioShock title at studio Cloud Chamber, but since that time, it hasn't offered up any further details about what the project will have in store. And while we might still be waiting a bit longer to hear from 2K in an official capacity, fans think they have uncovered a new website that gives us a better idea of where we may be going. 

Unearthed within the past week, fans have found a website called, which is a reference to a line of dialogue from BioShock Infinite. The site itself contains very little of note outside of an image of a starry sky that prominently features one large star in the middle portion of the image. A message that says "stay tuned" can also be found on the page, clearly indicating that this is some sort of teaser site that will be updated in due time. 

Based on what has been shown on this website, a number of fans have inferred that the image of the starlit sky could tease that BioShock 4 is going to take place in space. Previously, the series has notably taken place in locales that reside below the sea and above the clouds. For BioShock 4 to take place in space would be a pretty major departure and would also make the franchise much more akin to its roots in System Shock, which is a franchise that former director Ken Levine worked on prior to BioShock.

Of course, there are a couple of things to note about this website in a general sense. For starters, it's hard to know if this site is even owned by 2K Games, meaning that the official connection that it may have to BioShock 4 isn't really known. In addition, this website isn't one that has popped up within the past day. Instead, it has existed for years, meaning that fans have only really started to take note of it. As such, don't think that this is something that 2K Games may have published within the past week in anticipation of a new announcement related to BioShock 4 in the near future. 

Still, with all of that being said, do you think that this webpage could be teasing something associated with BioShock 4? And when do you think we'll finally learn more about the next installment in the series? Let me know all of your thoughts either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.