BioShock Creator Could Reveal Next Game This Year

For years at this point, fans have been wondering what the team at Ghost Story Games, which was formerly known as Irrational Games, has been working on. In the past, Irrational was the studio behind both BioShock and BioShock Infinite. After releasing the latter title and its subsequent DLC, the developer went opted to downsize before later going through a rebrand in 2017. Now, after years of silence, it sounds like there is a chance 2021 could finally bring us new information on this next project.

In a recent message over on Twitter, Ghost Story Games President Ken Levine was asked about the studio and whether we might hear about its new game this year. While not outright committing either way, Levine said that there’s a “non-zero chance” that we learn about what Ghost Story has been making in 2021. Levine proceeded to say that there are “no promises” that a reveal of any sort transpires, but considering how nonexistent news has been on Ghost Story’s upcoming game, this is the most hopeful thing we’ve heard about the project in awhile.

In the past, Levine has talked about what this new game could look like and presented the idea of "narrative LEGOs". Basically, the concept is one that will see the world in which the player interacts responding to their choices with unique storytelling options that vary quite a bit. While most games look to tell players a single story from beginning to end, Levine's idea hopes to make the narrative far more unique for each player. It's an ambitious idea, to say the least, which is likely why Ghost Story Games has been silent over the years as it iterates on this concept.

If 2021 does finally bring with us news on this project from Ghost Story Games, it would surely prove to be quite exciting to many longtime fans. And even we don't see this game revealed in the coming months, well, there's always a chance that the fourth BioShock game could get fully unveiled this year. While Levine and the team at Ghost Story Games aren't involved with the new entry in the series, what we have heard about BioShock 4 sounds quite promising.

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