Black Adam Fortnite Skin Revealed by The Rock

Black Adam is coming to Fortnite, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson said this week alongside a brief trailer hyping up the addition of his character from the Black Adam movie. The trailer showed Black Adam himself making a superhero entrance along with a tease of what looks to be another cosmetic accompanying this release. The full reveal will take place on October 12th, The Rock said, so we'll know more about the Black Adam crossover then.

Though the reveal is indeed planned for Wednesday, we've pretty much already seen the skin from the Black Adam movie in its entirety thanks to The Rock's trailer shared below. It offers a pretty detailed look at different parts of the costume, and while one might've thought that it'd save the face reveal for Wednesday, we went ahead and got that, too.

Aside from the skin itself, there are a couple of other notable details from the trailer that are probably hinting at some of what else will be included in the Black Adam collab. For one, there's at one point a lot of focus on the three interconnected pyramids on Black Adam's back. Those appear to represent some sort of back bling players will be able to equip, but it remains to be seen what it'll be called. The fact that we also see Black Adam with his hood up and then with his hood down probably indicates that we'll see an alternate style added, too, which allows players to make the same cosmetic decisions.

While this wasn't one of the many Fortnite skins that gets leaked before release, it was always sort of expected as far as possible collabs go given that it's nearly impossible for a superhero movie or show to come out without making its way into Fortnite, too. It's also worth pointing out that this isn't even the first time The Rock has been in Fortnite. He's already in the game as The Foundation, a character who's a key part of the Fortnite story.

The full reveal of The Rock's Black Adam skin will take place on Wednesday, so tune in then to see what all this Black Adam set entails and how players can acquire the skin.