Bloodborne 2 and PS5 Remaster Rumors Gain Steam Once Again

Within the past couple weeks, new rumors have come about suggesting that developer Bluepoint Games is working on a new PlayStation 5 remaster of Bloodborne in addition to also creating a full-blown sequel. While some fans have been hesitant to believe that these rumors could be truthful given how often Bloodborne's name appears in the video game rumor mill, a second insider has now come forward and has corroborated this information. 

Speaking on a new episode of the XboxEra Podcast, host Nick Baker, who has been a reputable source of information in the past, said that he has also heard that PlayStation is looking to bring back Bloodborne in a big way. Baker said that not only is Bluepoint supposedly working on Bloodborne 2 and a Bloodborne PS5 remaster, but a PC version of the popular action game is also said to be on its way as well. 

"I've been told by a couple of different sources a couple of different things about Bloodborne. I've been told there's a PC port that's already done. I think what's happening with Bluepoint is I believe Bluepoint is doing the sequel, like Colin said," Baker explained, referring back to the original rumor in question. "And I think Bluepoint might also be doing the console remaster of the first one."

At this point in time, it definitely sounds like something is going on with Bloodborne behind the scenes at PlayStation. Although fans have been clamoring for a sequel, remaster, or simply an upgrade on PS5 for quite some time at this point, PlayStation has yet to satiate that appetite whatsoever. And while we won't know for certain whether or not these rumors will be true until Sony makes an official announcement, it absolutely seems like we could start to hear more from the publisher in the near future. Until that time, though, take everything that has been expressed here with the typical grain of salt.

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