Bloodborne for PC Rumored to Have Previously Existed at PlayStation

A version of FromSoftware's Bloodborne that ran on PC is rumored to have existed within PlayStation at one point. In recent years, a new port or remaster of Bloodborne for PC and PS5 is something that numerous PlayStation fans have been begging for. And while it seems likely that PlayStation isn't going to make good on these requests any time soon, one studio that previously belonged to Sony is said to have had the game running on PC. 

According to Lance McDonald, who is a well-regarded authority and insider on all things Bloodborne, Sony's Japan Studio had a version of the game running on Windows 7 for PC. In a recent tweet, McDonald claims to have seen this version of Bloodborne on PC for himself in the past. Sadly, it's not known what happened to this PC iteration of the game as Sony ended up shuttering Japan Studio in early 2021. As such, McDonald notes that this version of Bloodborne that did run on Windows 7 likely still exists somewhere within Sony, but it seems as though nothing is being done with it. 

McDonald went on to add his own conjecture to the mix and said that he believes PlayStation is "very likely" in the process of working on something new related to Bloodborne at this point in time. Whether or not that takes the form of a PC port, a remaster for PlayStation 5, or even an outright sequel in Bloodborne 2 isn't known, but McDonald seems to believe that Sony could do something with the property one day. 

Per usual with stories like this, it's important to take what has been said with a grain of salt. Even though McDonald has had accurate Bloodborne information in the past, there's no real way to verify what has been said about the game and its potential PC version. Still, assuming that this information is legitimate, it does beg the question of why PlayStation won't look to port Bloodborne to PC in the first place, especially since Japan Studio was clearly working on this endeavor in the past. 

Do you think that PlayStation will ever look to remaster or port Bloodborne to PC? And if so, when do you think such an announcement from PlayStation could end up coming about? Be sure to let me know your own thoughts either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.