Borderlands 3 Gets Cross-Play and a Higher Level Cap

Borderlands 3’s big cross-play update has arrived with the multi-platform matchmaking feature [...]

Borderlands 3's big cross-play update has arrived with the multi-platform matchmaking feature now live across nearly every version of the game. The only exception is that cross-play isn't live on PlayStation consoles, an exclusion announced back when plans for cross-play were first revealed and one that's held true now that the update is out. The same update also raised the level cap once again to give Borderlands 3 players an incentive to hop back in with their friends across different platforms.

The platforms that do support Borderlands 3 cross-play include the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Mac, Stadia, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, so basically everyone except for PlayStation. No further explanation for the lack of PlayStation cross-play was provided in the notes for the cross-play update, but its absence was a noticeable one.

"Crossplay between the aforementioned platforms is made possible by SHiFT Matchmaking, and you'll be greeted by an opt-in window when the Crossplay Update is live," the Borderlands 3 team said about the cross-play update. "Regardless of whether you choose to enable or disable Crossplay, you'll be prompted to set a Crossplay Display Name, which is required for SHiFT Matchmaking functionality."

The level cap has also been raised by seven points to give players more room to expand their characters' loadouts and specialties. That may not seem like a lot, but those late-game levels take a lot of experience in order to achieve the next level, so those seven extra ranks should keep players busy for a while.

"Get ready to push your power even further as the level cap increases by 7 levels to a max level of 72," the Borderlands 3 post said. "With a maximum total of 70 Skill Points to play with, there are even more ways to make ludicrous amounts of mayhem and concoct character builds that'll demolish your enemies like never before."

The Revenge of the Cartels event and various seasonal events such as Bloody Harvest have also been brought back to similarly keep players busy, so if you missed out on those before, there's plenty to do now.

Borderlands 3's cross-play update is now live across all the platforms mentioned previously.